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Champignon Le Coprin based in Farrellton, Québec, offers specialty mushrooms and wilds.

We offer quality products grown and picked locally and in the Boreal Forest of Northern Québec. All our cultivated products receive organic certification from ECOCERT-GARANTIE BIO and ar grown in our intallations in Outaouais..

We pride ourselves in quick and dependable service year round; moreover we are always looking to expand our available varieties according to new culture possibilities and seasonal crops.

  • Variety of exotic cultivated mushrooms available year-round. (Oyster, Winter mushroom, Shiitake, cinnamon cap,lion's mane, Eryngii, Shimeji...)
  • Wild edible plants through spring and summer
  • Wild mushrooms in season
  • Dehydrated mushrooms
  • Kits for home cultivation
  • Retail in stores

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